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International seminar on Research Innovations in Arts & Humanities – History Dept.

The P.G & Research Department of History, Kamaraj College, Thoothukudi conducted an International seminar on the Topic ” Research Innovations Practices in Arts & Humanities for Societal Benefits” on 14.03.2023. The Inaugural address was given by Dr.G.Annadurai , Register in – charge, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. The Presidential Address and the lighting of lamp was done by Dr.J.Poongodi, Principal ,Kamaraj College.The technical session started with the speech of Rawanq Ara Parvin, Lecture, Department of Sociology, Varendra University,Rajashahi, Bangladesh on the topic -” Innovative Practices for Social Benefits”. The second session was occupied by Dr.Bennet Rajadurai, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, St.Francis De Sales College, Bengaluru,who enlightened the audience on the topic – “How to identify the fake Journals”. The Third session was occupied by the exciting speech of Dr.C.Chandraseker , Assistant Professor , PG & Research department of History, Government Arts College, Dharmapuri,, on the topic – ” The Various Research Method and Quality Criteria in the Arts and Humanities.” The fourth session was occupied by Dr.R.Saravanan , Head, PG& Research department of Historical studies, Pacchaiyappa College, Chennai, on the topic-“Fusion of Knowledge and Dispersion of Benefits : The Trajectory of Human Progress”. The feast of knowledge was uninterrupted and it exalted the students and Research Scholars ,whose strength was more than 250.Research scholars and faculties from various neighbouring districts also participated and enjoyed the seminar. The seminar came to an end with the Valedictory Address given by Dr.V.Deepthi, Head & Assistant Professor of History, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr.Praveen Kumar, Ph.D Research scholar .The program was coordinated and well organised by the students with the guidance of the staff members of the Department.


Mar 14 2023


10:00 am


Kamarajar Kalvi Arangam (Main Auditorium)

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