Some of the research projects received from Govt and non-Govt organizations by the various departments.

Year Name of the Project
2022 Young Student Scientist Programme
2022 Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence
2022 Student Project Scheme
2021 Unnat Bharat Abhiyan
2019 Larvicidal activity of soli Pseudomonas metabolites against vector mosquitoes
2019 Development of Polymer Nano-Compound membrane for lithium battery application
2018 Screening and production of pretease enzyme from halophilic microorganisms and its industrial applications
2018 Medicinal Value of Bioactive Compounds in the Aristolochia bracteolata leaves extract using GC- MS
2018 Development of alternate applications of Activated Carbon
2018 Study for introduction of eco-friendly Insulation material for commercial Water Heaters
2018 Live Ocean wave monitoring data analysis & comparing wht Physio-chemical parameters
2018 Development of growth techniques for Mud Crab
2018 Adaptation of sea-water Baromundl Ash to fresh water environment
2017 Development of techniques for Mass culture Of Carp Fish
2017 Recommendations for Conserving Fresh water Reservoirs along Gulf of Manner
2016 Investigation of Mechanical and elastic properties of hydrogen storage material
2016 Bio-Conservation and drug discovery in marine molluscs in Gulf of Mannar
2015 Physio Chemical Studies on molecular Interaction of binary liquid mixtures at different temperatures
2014 Mass Education Programme on Water Conservation. Health & Hygiene was undertaken through Water Educator Fellows
2012 Environmental radiation monitoring system at Kamaraj College
2012 Development of technologies for hatchery production of marine gastropods
2012 Development of techniques for hatchery production of ornamental fishes
2012 Microtron irradiation Studies of Palladium for Economic Drug Discovery
2009 Development of growth techniques for Lobsters
2008 Artificial Vision System for Car Parking Management
2005 Rejuvenation of Coral Reef in Gulf of Mannar
2002 First mass culture of Clown Fish under captivity
2002 First known cross breeding and Induced breeding of Clown Fish in the world