Two important practices followed by our college, ones that we believe continue to have a significant and positive impact on the development of our students, are discussed here

1. Academic Rigour Combined with Practical Knowledge Building

With the performance of our students in the real world being our ultimate concern, we seek to combine rigorous classroom learning with a plethora of workshops, seminars and guest lectures to provide an all-round view to the student. These programs satisfy the prime need to strike a balance between syllabus, curriculum, books and knowledge building activities

2. All-round Personality Development

Apart from knowledge building, great importance is placed on character building and development of our students. All-round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development

To achieve this, various events and activities are organized with the objective to involve most of our student body in one activity or the other. Be it participation in Sports Activities, Cultural Activities or Nation Building through participation in NCC or NSS activities, our students have the greatest extra-curricular exposure amoung all colleges in Tamil Nadu

We believe that these activities play a crucial role in achieving an all-round personality by strengthening their self-confidence, develop specialized skills, improve academic performance, and develop a greater sense of responsibility

Overall, wide exposure to these activities are meant to improve the social skills, intellectual skills, emotional and moral values and character appeal in our students

The common theme in both of the above best practices, is that over 200 activities and events are organized every year with maximum student participation. Instead for restricting events to National or International level, our policy is to organize more inter-departmental programs, so that talent development occurs across the student body, instead of a selected few

Amoung the 200 programs indicated above, over 25 of them relate to society oriented awareness programs and 48 of them are include government sponsored awareness programs

Other notable practice

Result Analysis
We have developed our own system for Student University Examination Result analysis. This detailed but still user friendly system analyses grades in many different ways, and helps department heads to have a clear picture and to correlate student performance with faculty performance