The Department of Commerce started its journey with U.G programme in 1975. It was upgraded as P.G department in the year 1980. Now, the Department offers Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes. The Department has 19 faculty members and one part time lawyer out of which 9 are in the aided stream including one part time lawyer, one part time auditor and 10 are in the self-supporting stream. In the year 1994 B.Com. I batch and in the year 2013 B.Com. II batch were started in the self-supporting stream.


Sr. Aided Self – Financed
1. B.Com. B.Com.
2. M.Com. M.Com.
3. Ph. D. B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship
4. B.Com. Banking and Finance
5. B.Com. Banking & E-Commerce

Faculty List in Instructor

Sr. Faculty Name Designation
1. Dr. M. Thatchinamurthy Associate Professor & Head
2. Dr. J. Muralitharan Associate Professor
3. Dr. R.S. Thangeswari Assistant Professor
4. Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor
5. Mr. A. Ayyadurai Assistant Professor
6. Ms. B. Viji Assistant Professor
7. Dr. S. Vadivel Murugan Assistant Professor
8. Dr. B. Ponnuthai Assistant Professor
9. Dr. A. Thangaraja Assistant Professor
10. Mr. I. Periasamy Balasekar Lawyer (Part Time)



Sr. Faculty Name Designation
1. Dr. A. Arunachalarajan Vice Principal, Kamaraj College
2. Dr. P. Selva Mani Assistant Professor & Head
3. Ms. A. Indumathi Assistant Professor
4. Ms. P. Aruna Devi Assistant Professor
5. Dr. P. Deepa Assistant Professor
6. Dr. R. Jeyalakshmi Assistant Professor
7. Dr. T. Selvi Assistant Professor
8. Ms. S. Rajavasanthakutti Assistant Professor
9. Ms. S. Jeyarani Assistant Professor
10. Ms. S. V. Balashree Assistant Professor
11. Mr. K. Thyagaraju Kodangi Retired Staff
12. Mr. V. Vijayakumar Retired Staff
13. Dr. G. Kasirajan Retired Staff