Kamaraj College is one of several institutions run by a close group of Hindu Nadars of Thoothukudi. The individual institutions come under four societies/trusts.

Institutions run by Karapettai Paribalana Sangam (founded 1919)

  • Karapettai Nadar Boys Higher Secondary School (founded 1951)
  • Karapettai Nadar Girls Higher Secondary School (founded 1959)
  • Karapettai Nadar Boys Primary School (founded 1922)
  • Karapettai Nadar Girls Primary School (founded 1951)

Institutions run by AMM Sinnamani Nadar Society (founded 1954)

  • AMM Sinnamani Nadar High School (founded 1963)
  • AMM Sinnamani Nadar Primary School (founded 1963)

Institutions run by Thoothukudi Education Society (founded 1966)

  • Kamaraj College (founded 1966)
  • Kamaraj Womens College (founded 2021)
  • Kamaraj School (founded 2003)

Institutions run by Ganesan Padmavathy Trust (founded 2008)

  • Sri Saradha Nursery and Primary School (founded 2009)
  • Sri Lalitha Vidhayalaya CBSE (founded 2016)