Visual Communication builds a foundation for ‘Visual Thinking’. This program focuses on the fundamentals of visual communication – line, color, composition, typography – as well as their application in a variety of contexts. The philosophy of this program is ‘Learning by Doing’. It contains in-class and out-of-class sessions, students will be creating visual projects on and off the computer. Sometimes students will be drawing in a sketchbook or making paper collages. On other days they will be using visual design software, such as the Adobe suite.

Kamaraj College brings in the best-in-class infrastructure for this program with ample live projects.


Sr.Aided Self – Financed
1. B.Sc. Visual Communication

Faculty List in Instructor

Sr. Faculty Name Designation
1. Mr. G. Srinivasa Manikandan Assistant Professor & Head
2. Mrs. J. Jasmine Sheeba Rajathi Assistant Professor