The Department of Economics was established in 1968 with B.A. Economics and it was upgraded as PG Department in 1986 with the introduction of M.A. Economics. From its inception the medium of instruction for B.A.Economics is in Tamil and now the students studying under this scheme are provided with Tamilnadu Government Stipend and preference in getting Tamilnadu Government Job-opportunities under PSTM scheme. In the year 2016, B.A. Economics was started in the self-financed stream. The department has 8 faculty members out of which 4 faculty members are in the aided stream and remaining faculty members are in the self-supporting stream. The Department of Economics was elevated into a full-fledged research department in the year 2014 with part-time and full-time scholars.


Sr. Aided Self – Financed
1. B.A. Economics B.A. Economics
2. M.A. Economics B.A. Public Administration
3. Ph. D.


Sr. Faculty Name Designation
1. Dr. R. Prabhavathy Associate Professor & Head
2. Dr. A. Asok Associate Professor & Vice-Principal
3. Dr. T. Jackuline Brindha Associate Professor
4. Mr. A. Velkumar Assistant Professor
5. Dr. T. Vasanthi Assistant Professor
6. Ms. N. Padmapriya Assistant Professor
7. Mr. N. Boobalan Assistant Professor
8. Dr. V. Thangamayan Assistant Professor
9. Dr. A. Govindharaju Assistant Professor


Sr. Faculty Name Designation
1. Dr. S. Raman Assistant Professor & Head
2. Dr. M. Chandra Assistant Professor
3. Dr. C. Mathimitha Assistant Professor
4. Dr. K. Anitha Assistant Professor