With the advent of smart phones and wide availability of high-speed internet, Social Media has become a critical part of society for access to a wide variety of information and entertainment.

Our social media committee ensures that our college is in the forefront of effective communication within our vast Student community, our Faculty and the Management.

Details of Programs and Events, Student Achievements, Visit of Dignitaries, University communications and other important information are routinely communicated through Social Media

Sr. Position Office Bearer
1. Management Representative Mr. R. Muthuselvam, Treasurer of Society
2. Overall Media Head Dr. D. Nagarajan, Principal
Sr. Media Coordinator
1. Website, LinkedIn, Instagram Mr. S. Balamurugan, Assistant Professor
2. WhatsApp, SMS Mr. R. Rakesh, Office Executive
3. Facebook, YouTube Mr. P. Saravanan, Office Superintendent
4. Twitter, Google Services Mr. S. Balamurugan, Assistant Professor