Five Pillars

Five Pillars of Development

The college focuses on bringing out the potential of its students through five identified pillars. The academic calendar of the college is structured to provide an opportunity for the students to display their talent and creativity.

The five identified pillars are

Academic Excellence:

Innovative teaching methodology combined with rigorous tests are employed to prepare our students for excellence in end-semester University Examinations. Highly experienced faculties are a key to the academic success enjoyed by the College

Practical Knowledge:

Real world knowledge is imparted via exposure to the various Conferences, Seminars & Workshops that are regularly organized by the respective departments of the College.

Social Responsibility & Service to Nation:

National pride and pride in oneself is inculcated through active participation in NCC, NSS and other extra-curricular programs. The College has full-fledged units of NCC Army Wing and NCC Naval Wing. Similarly, there are a number of NSS functioning units. Together, over 1100 students are enrolled in NCC and NSS programs in the college every year. NCC cadres participation in all important functions including the Independence Day and Republic Day Celebrations. NSS cadets participate in more than 100 events every year, and also undergo a one week special outdoor camp every year. NSS events include social activities like Blood Donation Camps, Medical Camps and Tree Planting events

Sports talent development:

Our College takes special interest in encouraging sports. Four major sporting events are held in the college every year. They include inter-department tournaments and inter-college tournaments. Over 600 students participate in these events each year. Five outdoor sports (Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Basket-ball) and one indoor sport (Chess) are covered in these tournaments. The tournaments have separate events for Girls and Boys.

Cultural talent development:

Our college has a vibrant cultural tradition. 15 cultural events are held in the college every year. Over 900 students participate in the various cultural events. Pongalovium is the major inter-college event held in January every year.


To light the spark in our students, enabling them to become lifelong achievers.


To prepare and equip our students to succeed in their chosen path, by creating a strong foundation in subject knowledge, moral values and life skills.