Webinar on Importance of Girl Child

Jan/24 10:00
Monday, January 24, 2022 - 10:00

NSS Units No: 54 & 56 organized a webinar on the topic "Importance of Girl Child" in accordance with the National Child Care Day on 24-01-2022. All the NSS students participated in it. The NSS Coordinator, from M.S.University, Dr. P. Arumugam felicitated the meeting with his views and opinions on the importance of Girl Children in the family and society. Next, Thiru. R. Prakash, Deputy Superintendent of Police and Mrs. T. Jerlin Dhinakaran, Charter President of JCI, Pearl City Queen Bee delivered their speech on the importance of Girl Child. The students were aknowleged about the various roles played by the women in the society as well as their importance in the life of all men. Ms. Durga of ll history also delivered a special speech on it. All the students were benefitted by this useful program. The meeting was inaugurated with the presidential address of Dr. V. Joseph Raj, Principal-in-Charge & Head of the Department of Computer Science.