Field Trip on Adhichanallur - History Dept.

Dec/30 10:00
Thursday, December 30, 2021 - 10:00

The PG and Research department of History of Kamaraj College, took the students of History department for a trip to Athichanallur on 30-12-2021.The escort of the site directed the students to the excavation area and shared the innovative discoveries and the bounteous achievements of our ancestors. All the students participated got enhanced by this field trip. The people of Adichanallur, in Thoothukudi district, cultivated paddy and green gram as early as in the Iron Age, in the first millennium BCE. They were good at making wheels, and used them for pottery, according to the Adichanallur excavation report, based on a survey conducted in the region over 15 years ago. The trip motivated the students to know more about the research of historians.