For many students, obtaining a degree may not be enough, as the job market demands certain skills and knowledge that are beyond the degree course. For example, a Certificate course in ELT (English Language Teaching) adds extra weightage to the resume of a person who is looking for an English teaching job in schools, colleges etc. Similarly, a Certificate course in Business Skills may help budding entrepreneurs in setting up their own ventures. Considering the market demand, the following Certificate Courses, Value Added Courses & Skill-based Courses are conducted by our College. 

Course Options

Various certificate courses and diploma courses are offered, some of them in collaboration with eminent institutions.

Certificate Course – (2023-2024)

Certificate Courses available for Aided Students Course conducted by
1. Python Programming Computer Science 30
2. Java Programming Computer Science 30
3. Tally Commerce 30
4. Vermi – Compost Zoology 30
5. Mushroom Culture Zoology 30
6. Bee Keeping & Honey Processing Zoology 30
7. Herbal Cosmetics Botany 30
8. Seaweed Technology Botany 30
9. Hand made paper products UBA 30
10. Mathematics for Competitive Exams Mathematics 30
11. Mobile Services & Trouble Shooting Physics 30
12. Processing of Consumer Products Chemistry 30
13. Logistics Management Economics 30
14. English for Competition Exams English 30
Certificate Courses available for SF Students Course conducted by
1. Silambam Physical Education 30
2. Medical Lab Technology & Pharmacognosy Microbiology 30
3. Immunotechnology Microbiology 30
4. Short Fiction in Indian Literature : NTPEL English 30
5. Soil and Water Analysis Chemistry 30
6. C Programming & Assembly Language Computer Science 30
7. Data Science for Engineers Computer Science 30
8. Python for Data Science Computer Science 30
9. English for Competative Exam Commerce 30
10. Valari and Self Defence Criminology and Police Administration 30
11. Monetary Policy and its Impact on Trade Economics 30

SrCourses available for SF StudentsCourse conducted byHoursCourse Fee (Rs.)
Spoken English (ஆங்கிலம்)
1Spoken EnglishEnglish Dept30500
2Soft SkillsEnglish Dept30500
Entrepreneurship (தொழில் முனைவோர்)
3Photography and Video ProductionVisual Communication Dept30500
4Digital Film MakingVisual Communication Dept30500
5Computer Hardware and Network MaintenanceComputer Science Dept30500
6Web DesigningComputer Science Dept30500
7Business Oriented Computer ApplicationsComputer Science Dept30500
8Mobile ServicesComputer Science Dept30500
9Medical Lab Technology & PharmacognosyMicrobiology Department30500
10Food Processing and AdulterationMicrobiology Department30500
11Industrial Safety and security managementCriminology & Police Admin Dept30500
12Police science and law enforcementCriminology & Police Admin Dept30500
13Advanced Analytical technology in ChemistryChemistry Dept30500
Media (ஊடகவியல்)
14இதழியல்Tamil Dept30500
15கல்வெட்டியல்Tamil Dept30500
16கோயில் கலைTamil Dept30500
17Basic Concepts in ChemistryChemistry Dept30500
18Application of Tally in AccountingCommerce Dept30500
19Banking Law and PracticeCommerce Dept30500
20Foreign Trade and Export-Import ManagementBBA30500
21Logistics ManagementBBA30500
22Indian EconomyEconomics Dept30500
Sports (விளையாட்டு)
23SilambamPhysical Education Dept30500
Courses available for Aided Students
Spoken English (ஆங்கிலம்)
1Spoken EnglishHistory Dept30500
2Comprehensive course in Communicative EnglishComputer Science Dept601000
Entrepreneurship (தொழில் முனைவோர்)
3Mobile Service & Trouble ShootingPhysics Dept30500
4Solar Panel InstallationPhysics Dept30500
5Water ManagementChemistry Dept30500
6Processing of Consumer ProductsChemistry Dept30500
7Seaweed TechnologyBotany Dept30500
8Bee KeepingZoology Dept30500
9Mushroom CultureZoology Dept30500
10Freshwater Ornamental Fish CultureZoology Dept30500
11Utilization of Herbal Medicine for Human WelfareBotany Dept30500
12Miniature Gardening TechniquesBotany Dept30500
13Shipping & LogisticsCommerce Dept30500
14Logistics ManagementEconomics Dept601000
Media (ஊடகவியல்)
15Archaeology & EpigraphyHistory Dept601000
Competitive Exams/Higher Studies (போட்டித் தேர்வுகள்/உயர் கல்வி)
16Mathematics for Competitive ExaminationsMaths Dept30500
17Competitive Examination for EconomicsEconomics Dept30500
18Training for Competitive Exams & MNCsComputer Science Dept601000
19Portfolio ManagementCommerce Dept30500
20Human Resource ManagementCommerce Dept30500
Computers (கணினியியல்)
21HTML – Hypertext Markup LanguageHistory Dept30500
22C++ languageMaths Dept30500
23LatexMaths Dept30500
24Python with Data ScienceComputer Science Dept601000
Sports (விளையாட்டு)
25YogaEconomics Dept30500
26Yoga & Moral ValuesPhysics Dept30500
Courses offered in Partnership with IIT Madras* (IIT மெட்ராஸ் உடன் இணைந்து வழங்கப்படும் படிப்புகள்)
1Introduction to Machine LanguageComputer Science Dept303000
2Introduction to Soft ComputingComputer Science Dept303000
3Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor NetworksComputer Science Dept303000
4Python for Data ScienceComputer Science Dept303000

* Available for SF Computer Science Students. Online Test will be conducted by IIT Madras. Course Certificate will be issued by IIT Madras