Intra Departmental Poster Competition

Mar/01 09:30
Golden Jubilee Block - Microbiology Lab
Monday, March 1, 2021 - 09:30

Golden Jubilee Block - Microbiology Lab

The PG and Research Department of Microbiology organized a “INTRA DEPARTMENTAL POSTER COMPETITION” on account of National Science Day Celebration. The UG, PG students of Microbiology and PG Students of Zoology were participated. The separate themes are given to UG and PG students. Totally 50 students were participated enthusiastically, displayed and presented their wonderful work. Dr. B. Sakthivel, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Kamaraj College acted as examiner and evaluated the students works based on theme, work and presentation. Based on the marks given by the examiner the first two positions of each classes were selected. The prizes and certificates will be given to the students at department association meeting. Finally, students give their valuable feedback about competition.