I. Recognized Research Centres in Kamaraj College as on 01.12.2017.

S.No Subject Centre
1. Zoology Department of Zoology
2. Mathematics Department of Mathematics
3. Economics Department of Economics
4. Computer Science Department of Computer Science

II. List of Research Supervisors – Recognized Research Centers as on 01.12.2017.(*MV=Maximum vacancy)

S.No Department Name of the Supervisor Designation MV
1. Mathematics Dr. M. Navaneetha Krishan Professor 8
2. Mathematics Dr. T. Balasubramanian Associate Professor 8
3. Zoology Dr. D. Nagarajan Professor 8
4. Zoology Dr. K. Bhanumathi Assistant Professor 4
5. Economics Dr. A. Ashok Professor 8
6. Computer Science Dr. V. Joseph Raj Professor 8

III. List of Research Supervisors – Others.

S.No Discipline Name Designation Department MV
1. Tamil Dr. A. Kanthasamy Professor Tamil 8
2. Physics Dr. G. Narayanasamy Associate Professor Physics 8
3. Physics Dr. J. Poongodi Associate Professor Physics 8
4. Physics Dr. X. Helan Flora Assistant Professor Physics 4
5. Chemistry Dr. G. Vanmathi Assistant Professor Chemistry 4
6. Micro Biology Dr. A. Doss Assistant Professor Micro Biology 4
7. Chemistry Dr. N. Chandra Lekha Associate Professor Chemistry 4
8. Commerce Dr. A. Arunachala Rajan Assistant Professor Commerce 4

IV. List of Completed on going projects in kamaraj college departments as on 01.06.2015.

S.No Name of the Investigators Title of the Project Funding
1. Dr. G. Vanmathi
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Kamaraj College
UGC 2012-15