Co-curricular activities


Our Kamaraj College has 5 NSS units. About 500 students are enrolled in all these units. The NSS volunteers at SRM are involved in a wide spectrum of activities such as:

  • Celebrating secular festivals along with rural people.
  • Cleaning College Campus and College hostel Campus.
  • Organizing road Safety awareness Programme.
  • Organizing one week Special Camp in the Villages. During the Camp Period, Planting tree organizing medical Camp and Conducting Cultural Programme.
  • Planting trees
  • Conducting health camps in rural areas
  • Organizing blood donation camps


Naval Wing

Kamaraj College N.C.C, Naval wing was raised on 1st June 1972. It consisted of 50 cadets. Lt. R. Solomon Paul was its first N.C.C officer. He served up to 1981. Lt. Cdr. Dr. A. Justin Wilson succeeded him. He was commissioned on 30th September 1981. He served as N.C.C officer up to 09/02/2001. He received commendation from Director General N.C.C, New Delhi and Deputy Director General, N.C.C, Chennai for his outstanding achievements in N.C.C. The cadets took part in various activities and brought laurels to the institution. Lt. Dr. A. Ashok M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., has taken over from him on 10/02/2001 as N.C.C. officer. Now our college has a Naval Wing with a total strength of 45 Cadets.

Army Wing

kamaraj College N.C.C Army wing infantry was started in the year 1969 in our College under the able leadership of Lieut. T.R. Rajendran, Department of Chemistry. He served as troop commander for a period of 3 years from August 1981. Lieut. U. Shunmugavel, Dept of Chemistry took charge of the N.C.C Wing which had strength of 50 Cadets. During his training (Part-I Refresher) course, he secured I rank within the course conducted in All India level. During his tenure he led a cycle expedition with 13 cadets to Madras and back covering 1270Kms. He served as N.C.C officer from 1981 to Aug'86. Captain V. Vijaya kumar, Dept of commerce took in charge from Aug'86. Captain V. Vijaya kumar is serving as Associate N.C.C officer. In 1987 cadet Ahamad Shafi got II prize in All India Level National Integration Photo competition conducted by N.C.C Directorate, New Delhi. The cadets took part in various activities and brought laurels to the institution. Mrs. X. Helen Flora, M.Sc., M.Phil. is currently in-charge as N.C.C. officer. Now our college has an Army Wing with a total strength of 65 Cadets.

Social Service League

We at Kamaraj College Social Service League take it upon ourselves to help anyone in society who needs help, in whatever circumstances. The aim of SSL should be to provide a helping hand not only to solve problems but also to prevent them. This is of vital importance. This will be our vision statement for the years to come and we hope that we are successful. As always our motto shall be "Service above self". We do useful service in the charitable institutions and hospitals in and around Tuticorin. We also conduct St. John's Ambulance First Aid Certificate course for students.

Red Ribbon Club

RRC Programme is a voluntary on-campus intervention, aimed at heightening the risk perception and preventing HIV among youth. Red Ribbon Clubs have become a powerful medium to reach out to young people. Spearheaded by the Tamilnadu state AIDS Control Society (TANSACS), this Programme is supported by the Higher Education Department with technical assistance from Centers for Disease Control and demonstrating the importance of inter-sector collaboration to address the issue of HIV / AIDS. RRC empower students in the age group of 17-25, by giving them information and life-skills to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and changing the most active among them into peer educators

Students Associations

Kamaraj College Students association is run by students, elected by their peers, who have the best interests at heart for the students here. Every student at Kamaraj College is automatically a member of the Student Association. The association prides itself on being there to help students when needed and also foreseeing issues that will affect students. Main objectives of the students associations are;

  • To arrange as many lectures and debates as possible on subjects of general, literacy, scientific and cultural interests.
  • To afford opportunities for students to train themselves in the art of public speaking and histrionics.
  • To stimulate interest in the discussion of problems of academic importance.

Parent - Teachers Association

Kamaraj College Parent - Teachers Associations is a registered organization (Reg. No. 58/2004) composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school with the main objective of Enhancing Educational output of the students by improving Parent Teacher relations