Sep/20 10:00
Smart Hall - PG Block
Friday, September 20, 2019 - 10:00

Smart Hall - PG Block

The state level seminar on INNOVATION IN MICROBIAL DIAGNOSTICS, IMD-2019 was conducted on 20.09.2019. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr.D.Nagarajan Ph.D Prinicpal, and Dr.A.M. Tony Melwyn Ph.D, Director, and chief guest Dr.J.Jaculine Pereira Ph.D and Er.R.Gurumoorthi M.Tech. Convenor Dr.S.Abirami Ph.D delivered the welcome speech about the seminar. Dr.D. Nagarajan, Principal, Kamaraj College delivered the felicitation address. Dr.G.Arunkumar delivered keynote address about the seminar. The seminar mainly focussed on the recent techniques in microbial diagnostics. Diagnostics are the eyes of the various life sciences industry such as medical, environmental, pharmaceutical etc. Conventionally, microbial identification could be done only based upon morphological, biochemical and microscopic observation. With the advent of PCR technology, gene based identification has ensure rapid and accurate identification. Two lectures entitled “Molecular techniques in diagnosis of diseases” and “Latest technology in Diagnostic Microbiology” was given by Dr.J.Jaculine Pereira and Er.R. Gurumoorthi respectively. Faculty and students from various colleges were participated and presented (oral/poster) their research findings in this seminar. At the end of the conference, best paper and poster award was given certificate distribution was done.