Computer Science

Recognizing the growing demand for courses in Computer Studies and increasing job opportunities, an U.G. programme in Computer Science was started in the year 1987 under regular stream


Recognizing the growing demand for courses in Computer Studies and increasing job opportunities, an U.G. programme in Computer Science was started in the year 1987 under regular stream. PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) was also introduced in the year 1991 for the benefit of the students who are from other disciplines. During the year 1993, the Department crossed another milestone with the introduction MCA. B.Sc., Computer science in the self financed stream was introduced in the year 1995. Our main focus is to develop quality IT professionals by providing concept oriented subject knowledge supplemented with practical orientation with ability to solve software-oriented computing problems. The department is proud of having 13 dedicated, efficient and competent faculty members, out of which 4 faculty members are in the aided stream and remaining faculty members are in the self supporting stream. They are actively engaged in teaching the areas of Data Structures, Web Design, Software Engineering, Multi Media, Computer network, and & Data Mining. The staff members has presented a number of papers in the state, National and International seminars and published them in the reputed journals. The department has undertaken research projects. The Faculty Members of the department also attend frequent training programmes which help them to handle the constantly changing technological trends. The department is instilling a sense of responsibilities among the students to acquire academic excellence along with technical expertise, conceptual powers and communication proficiency. Coaching is being given to the final year students by qualified staff members to excel in Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge and communication skills. These training sessions would enable them to face competitive examinations and get placed in a right job. The Department arranges campus interviews and employment tests periodically with various organizations for the final year students to get employment immediately after graduation. The department has three Well-equipped laboratories with advanced configuration and Internet facilities for UG regular stream, UG self financed stream and MCA. The department is also equipped with LCD projectors. Classroom lectures are given using audio-visual aids and they enhance understanding level of the subject. The general library has a number of books and journals relating to Computer Science for the students and the staff members. New books are being regularly added to the library based on the changes in the curriculum. The books help the students and staff members to update the recent trends in the field of Information Technology.

Courses Offered

Aided Self - Financed
B.Sc. Computer Science B.Sc. Computer Science

Faculty List :   Aided

S.No Faculty Name Designation Details
1. Dr. V. Joseph Raj Head & Associate Professor Click Here
2. Dr. V. Joseph Peter Associate Professor Click Here
3. Mr. T. Ravi Associate Professor Click Here
4. Mr. S. Senthil Assistant Professor Click Here
5. Dr. M. Gethsiyal Augastal Assistant Professor Click Here

Faculty List :   Self - Financed

S.No Faculty Name Designation Details
1. Mr. S. Rajan Head & Assistant Professor Click Here
2. Ms. G. Sophana Assistant Professor Click Here
3. Ms. R. Sheeba Mary Ananthi Assistant Professor Click Here
4. Ms. G. Ramalakshmi Assistant Professor Click Here
5. Ms. P. Roselin Assistant Professor Click Here
6. Ms. Pa. Andal Assistant Professor Click Here
7. Mr. S. Balamurugan Assistant Professor Click Here
8. Mr. S. Mariappa Assistant Professor Click Here
9. Ms. C.G. Aida Assistant Professor Click Here
10. Ms. M. Dhana Lakshmi Assistant Professor Click Here
11. Ms. V. Ratnavali Assistant Professor Click Here
12. Ms. S.R. Geetha Assistant Professor Click Here
13. Ms. A. Sahaya Arthy Assistant Professor Click Here

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