Computer Science


Recognizing the growing demand for courses in Computer Studies and increasing job opportunities, an UG programme in Computer Science was started in the year 1987 under regular stream. The department embarked on a new venture to design a PG Course with the introduction of M.C.A. (AICTE APPROVED) in 1993. B.Sc. Computer Science and B.C.A. in the self-financing stream was introduced in the years 1995 and 2014 respectively. B.Sc. Computer Science Section II in the self-financing stream was started in the year 2020. M.Sc. Computer Science in the self-financing stream was started in the year 2021. The department has 16 faculty members out of which 5 faculty members are in the aided stream and remaining faculty members are in the self-supporting stream.

Courses Offered

Sr. Aided Self - Financed
1. B.Sc. Computer Science B.Sc. Computer Science Sec I
2. Ph. D. B.Sc. Computer Science Sec II
3. B.C.A.
5. M.Sc. Computer Science

Faculty List :   Aided

Sr. Faculty Name Designation
1. Dr. V. Joseph Raj Associate Professor & Head
2. Dr. V. Joseph Peter Associate Professor
3. Mr. T. Ravi Associate Professor
4. Dr. S. Senthil Assistant Professor
5. Dr. M. Gethsiyal Augasta Assistant Professor

Faculty List :   Self - Financed

Sr. Faculty Name Designation
1. Mr. S. Rajan Assistant Professor & Head
2. Ms. G. Sophana Assistant Professor
3. Ms. R. Sheeba Mary Ananthi Assistant Professor
4. Ms. G. Ramalakshmi Assistant Professor
5. Ms. V. Bama Assistant Professor
6. Ms. S. Jinduja Assistant Professor
7. Ms. Pa. Andal Assistant Professor
8. Mr. S. Balamurugan Assistant Professor
9. Ms. M. Dhanalakshmi Assistant Professor
10. Ms. S. Jeya Selvakumari Assistant Professor
11. Dr. S. Shanmuga Priya Assistant Professor
12. Dr. T. Selvi Assistant Professor
13. Mrs. V. Tamaraiselvi Assistant Professor
14. Mrs. G. Helen Raja Pushpam Assistant Professor
15. Ms. S. Krishnaveni Assistant Professor