National Service Scheme


1000 Students will be enrolled in 10 NSS Units. Each NSS Student shall put in 120 Hours of service in the course for a year in the programme development. Leadership and merit certificate will be issued to those who earn reputation due to their persistent initiative, imagination and personal dynamism, above all character and integrity.

Unit No
Programmee Officers
1. 54 Dr. A. Devaraj Aided
2. 55 Dr. R. Nagarajan Aided
3. 56 Dr. B. Ponnuthai Aided
4. 181 Dr. J. Nagarajan Aided
5. 146 Dr. T. Ponrathi Aided
6. 145 Ms. S. Remona Aided
7. 216 Mary Josephine Jerina Self - Financed
8. 217 Ms. A. Selva Raja Pushpa Self - Financed
9. 218 Mr. V. Gopalakrishnan Self - Financed