Aug 16

Lecturer expressed Probiotics uses in immune stimulation, Gut stability activity, Lowering cholesterol, Antiinflammatory effect and its supplementary products. Chief Guest form Dr. M. Monohar, Asst. Prof. in Microbiology, Sadakathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli. In our programme, 115 students and 10 staffs were participated and organized by Dept. of Microbiology (SF).

Aug 13

The Guest Lecture is conducted by the Department of Commerce with Corporate Secretaryship . Dr. M. Thatchina Murthy, Associate Professor of Commerce(Aided), Kamaraj College ,delivered a lecture on 'How to develop Business Communication Skills' on 13.08.2019.

Aug 09

Guest lecture on Graph Theory was organized by Department of Mathematics (SF) held on 09.08.19.

Aug 08

On 8th August 2019 Department of commerce has organized Guest Lecture on ‘Know Yourself’ given by Lawyer I.Periasamy Balasekar. In this programme there are 153 students and 9 Faculties were participated Prof. Dr. P.Selvamani given Welcome address, Dr. Tony Melwyn Director Self Financing courses delivered presidential address and Prof. Aruna Devi given vote of thanks.

Aug 06

Department Of Criminology & Police Administration in collaboration with The Indian Society of Criminology organized a programme in the theme of “Students Contribution in Social Development” on 06.08.2019 from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM. Nearly 120 students participated in this programme .The special invitee from “We Can Trust” had a discuss on the importance of about “Plant Saplings” to the students Prof.

Jul 19

One day Children’s Safety and Health Campaign (As a part of Crime Prevention & Awareness Programme) organized By Department of Criminology and Police Administration and The Indian Society of Criminology (ISC) Conducted at the Kayalpatnam Arumuganeri- Higher Secondary School, on Friday 19/07/2019. Special invitee Mr.